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Giving Hope And Nuturing Abroad has undertaken multiple projects funded by donations raised from individuals and companies. Please take a moment to overview some of our completed projects as well as current and future projects we are presently working on. And then find out how you can help.

completed projects

Women Empowerment – Provide women with education, skill building, training and micro loans. Women learn the skills needed for creating designs on cloth and making soap. These are products they can sell in the market. Through the training women gain self esteem and hope for a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Education Assistance – Provide funding for children in primary or secondary school and young adults pursuing college or advance training. Elementary education is provided tuition-free by public schools but families are responsible for the cost of uniforms and supplies. A child cannot attend school without a uniform. In rural communities, schools are regionally located, often requiring children to live away from their families in order to attend school.

Health Care – Address desperate health care conditions with a focus on rural outlying communities and an emphasis on decreasing maternal and infant mortality. Medical facilities and medical insurance may be available for those who can afford the relatively high cost. But, payment, often required up front, can be an obstacle for the many families as is the distance that must be traveled to get to the medical facilities. Many of the medical facilities rely on outdated equipment and have limited treatment options available.

Church Building – The construction cost for building Christian houses of worship continues to occur through donations. Giving Hope And Nurturing Abroad will provide assistance to communities committing their own funds and efforts toward building and maintaining churches and other church related facilities such as community education centers.

current projects

Giving Hope And Nuturing Abroad is currently raising funds to support the following projects. Find out how you can help.

  • Soap Making, Cloth Design and Jewelry making training for 30 women (approximate cost – $4500).
  • Establishing pig and goat farming co-ops (approximate cost – $900 per farm).
  • Crop farming (approximate cost – $1000).
  • Tuition for training nurses and teachers (approximate cost – $5000).
  • Elementary school desks (approximate cost – $500).

future projects

Giving Hope And Nuturing Abroad has plans to raise funds for the following projects in the future. Find out how you can help.

  • Additional cloth design training classes and soap making classes.
  • Tuition and nutrition for elementary and secondary school children.
  • Malaria and AIDS prevention, education and medication.
  • Outdoor sports and recreation equipment for orphanage.
  • Donkeys to provide transportation and help hauling goods to market.