Our Vision: Breaking the cycle of poverty especially through empowering women.

Where The Idea Came From

In the 1970’s, Giving Hope And Nuturing Abroad co-founder Sharon Wallace served as a missionary nurse midwife in the northern region of Ghana, West Africa for 3 1/2 years. In 2008, Sharon made a return visit to Ghana with co-founder Michele Ciokajlo to work with rural women empowerment efforts and this reignited her desire to improve the lives of people there, and lead to the establishment of Giving Hope And Nurturing Abroad.

There have been many improvements over the years such as electricity, a better supply of water, cell phones and the health center is growing with governmental funding for staff. While some progress was visible there were also many needs still evident, especially among women. Women continue to live in poverty, with limited education and few opportunities for employment, especially in the Northern rural areas. The women asked Sharon and Michele to help them learn a trade so they could make money to help provide food, clothing and education for their children.

Inspired by their strong spirit and deeply touched by their desire to become self sufficient, Sharon and Michele returned to the U.S. with a new vision and new passion: To help others, help themselves.

Our goals are simple

  1. Empower women through skill training and provide financial assistance through micro-loans in some of the poorest communities.

  2. Build self esteem and raise the standard of living of individuals through small business start ups.

  3. Promote health and healthy living through, medication, medical supplies, education and clean water sources.

  4. Encourage education and leaning beyond basic schooling through tuition and boarding.

  5. Assist Christian communities in coming together to celebrate faith, prayer and expansion of churches and church building.


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