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Sharon Wallace

Sharon Wallace: Co-founder

Sharon is a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife now retired from work as an emergency room nurse and more recently from a project serving high-risk pregnant women in the inner city of Detroit. She served three and a half years as a missionary nurse midwife in Ghana, West Africa in the 1970’s. Since 1989, she has made four trips to El Salvador as a member of a SHARE delegation supporting human rights and community development. After retiring from nursing in 2005, she was given a ticket by co-workers, friends and family to return to Ghana for a visit. In 2008, Sharon made that return visit to Ghana with Michele Ciokajlo (co-founder). Sharon reunited with many people whom she had lived and worked with in the 1970’s. It was powerful and sacred to once again walk with these special friends.

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Michele Ciokajlo

Michele Ciokajlo: Co-founder

Michele works for a large Catholic Healthcare System serving southeast Michigan. For the last 20 years and along side others, Michele has made several trips to El Salvador joining in solidarity with Salvadorians to share in their courage to overcome the obstacles they face. Michele made her first visit to Africa in 1987, witnessing healthcare needs in remote areas of the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire). In 2008, Michele accompanied Sharon on a visit to Ghana only to recognize that in many areas opportunities to address basic needs still exist. She was instrumental in establishing Giving Hope And Nurturing Abroad to address these needs and improve the lives of women and families.

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Reverend Elizabeth Ayembilla

Elizabeth is the director of Firm Lifeline Ministries in the upper west region of Ghana. Together with her husband, Reverend Daniel Ayembilla, Elizabeth has initiated several programs and services to address the needs of the poor and vulnerable including starting a school, building an orphanage and beginning support groups. She is currently Director of the Northern Territory for GHACOE Women’s Ministry with over 20 years experience as a leader in women empowerment efforts. Elizabeth has helped women in rural communities to gain the necessary skills and obtain the resources needed to begin their own small businesses. With careful attention to detail, she provides that vitally important part of arranging and coordinating the projects sponsored by Giving Hope And Nurturing Abroad in Ghana.


Board Members

Sharon Wallace
Michele Ciokajlo
Engela Bertolini
Lauren Karcz
Cami Purifoy